Well I'm back living in Perth!! My wife an I decided that we need to pack up the dream house and move back to the big smoke. Now that it is done, it feels kinda normal, I mean it is just the same as I left it. Everything and everyone is here doing what the do and we have nestled back in like we had never left. How strange it is to just step back in. When I moved to Australind, it was exciting, a new house I built, a new landscape, a new group of friends and in many ways, a new audience. A place I could play and sing and nobody knew who I was. I blind guy with a guitar and a guide dog named Zola. 

The funny thing is, my old band Cartwheels in the Dark has taken a shot in the arm and things are happening. A new album released in 2017 called 'Letters to Sandy' was finally complete and we had a cracking launch party. Airplay, gigs and a bit of a following has started to brew. People around town are really starting to dig our stuff. And her I am, packed up and moved to the city.


Salv and I have been without a band for so long, life takes over, we worry whether potential band members will fit in and love what we do, or simply annoy the shit out of us. The completion of the album really forced us to open our minds to a new drummer and bass player, And with that came Victor the Mexican on drums and Matt on bass. Victor was an unbelievable fit, a bloke who you could have a drink with a chew the fat and then play some tunes. Matt and his supporting beard was the same, a drinking buddy first, a simple transition to the bass in the after hours after a few. I am surprised we get any work done, but when we jam the brotherhood is back and that rocking feeling that only comes from being in a band.

There has been a rather big change within us as we have aged and had some sort of grip on life. We now understand how the band fits in our lives. It is so much like a baby, you leave it alone and it cries for attention, you nurse it and it dreams again, you feed it and it grows and wants more. We can happily say that the beast of Cartwheels in the dark is still on the march and amongst all the weeds, noise and waste, something new is born. 





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