With the Paralympics in full swing the abilities of people with disabilities are being showcased around the world. The sport that I play is called Goalball and is one of the dedicated team sports specifically for blind and vision impaired people. This sport is awesome to play and at the highest level, awesome to watch.

The disappointment for me is that there has been a choice by the international Paralympic Committee (IPC) not to stream any games of Goalball at this years Paralympics in Rio. So many people in the Goalball community are outraged by this and they did the sport no favours in terms of building the profile of the sport. Each day I see the same old pool events and athletics which in the minds of many hasn't been as interesting as years past. 

i think the Goalball community need to voice their frustrations and ask the IpC why they elected to go down this road, it would have been the easiest sport to televise as it is all situated in one arena and there are a lot of professionals who know the sport to commentate through it. It is a shame the blind and vision impaired community are forgotten again. 

I hope that Tokyo will fly the flag for Goalball in 2020.

With that said, I will be appearing in Sydney, New South Wales at this years Australian Goalball Championships as part of Western Australia's team that won gold in 2015. This year will be a tough tournament with the inclusions of USA and South Korea to make it a 6 team competition. 

This tournament will be televised on Disability Sports Network which is leading the way promoting the abilities of people with disability. The action commences on Thursday, September 29th 2016 and will be a big event.

Tune in at www.dsn.net.au



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