Love Arrows

by Benny Rowe

Released 2012
Released 2012
This album adds the soul to blues and will take you on an emotional sound ride with stories of love, life and growth,
While previously known as 'Mr Bodangles' the artist has developed a new sound that is captivating and powerful. This album has been a slow but enjoyable creative process with 4 years passing since his previous release. However a new man is born and we are proud to present to you 'Love arrows' by Benny Rowe.

Record information:
All songs written by Benjamin Rowe
Engineer & Producer by Peter Oats
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Kitchen Cooked Records

'A special thanks to:
Peter Oats (Bass guitar on all songs), Lucinda Woodward (vocals on 'Sprawled out', 'Love arrows', 'Take me for a ride' & 'The summer comes'), Carol Henry ( vocals on 'Shining'), John Meyer (lead guitar on 'What you want'), Ben Carpenter (guitars on 'Sprawled out' & 'Take me for a ride'), Rhys Wood (Saxophone on 'My eyes' & Harmonica on 'At last'), Tony Borthwick (Flute on 'Last night & The summer comes'), Erik Kowarski (Fiddle on 'Love arrows', 'I'm in danger' & 'At last') John William (Drums on all songs). I am really proud of what we achieved on the album and its a credit to all of your musicianship - it was great working with you all and I thank you'

This is a product made in Australia with many great Aussie musicians.

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