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The Grumpy's Bar

Perth, Mt Lawley

This is my first show back for a while and hopefully it is the first of many more in 2020. Joined by Robbie Jalapeno and Rhys Wood, I am sure it will be a fun night out.


Benny Rowe guest speaker at the City of Cockburn Junior Awards Night

City of Cockburn, Spearwood

Benny will be the guest speaker along with the Mayor of Cockburn to award the junior sport participants in their chosen sports.


Live @ La Rocca Cafe

La Rocca Cafe, Australind, Western Australia

La Rocca Cafe will host session live on sundays, showcasing local artists from Wa. This sunday will be the first of hopefully many sessions of music to the the town. 

Please be sure to book a table as numbers are limited. A roast spit will be ready to fill everyones belly, and the cafe is licensed for BYO. You must be seated for a meal to legally allowed to drink at the venue. 

The event will hopefully be streamed on Facebook live go to Benny Rowe Music's Facebook page for the feed.

Enjoy the tunes.

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Lets do Cartwheels in the dark! 

Well I'm back living in Perth!! My wife an I decided that we need to pack up the dream house and move back to the big smoke. Now that it is done, it feels kinda normal, I mean it is just the same as I left it. Everything and everyone is here doing what the do and we have nestled back in like we had never left. How strange it is to just step back in. When I moved to Australind, it was exciting, a new house I built, a new landscape, a new group of friends and in many ways, a new audience. A place I could…

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When Disability meets Entitlement 

At what point does a person with a disability become entitled? It is a huge question, as the majority of people with disabilities fight for opportunities, there are always times when it appears a sense of entitlement is broadcast. For many years I tried to fit in and not alienate myself from normal activities, until I was given a travel pass which allowed me free access to public transport in Perth. This was great because I didn't have to ask people to help me use the ticket machines at the train station…

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Shining lyrics 

Shine a new light all over me

become a new life and spawn me into

a beautiful mind that keeps me walking

to a place I want to be

I put on my new face, 

there’s so much to cover

you keep reminding me


Am I shining

am i gleaming with hope

Am I shining 

am I gleaming with hope for something

am I shining, am I


I tried to write all before

the plan was just to fall right into it

I will work it out, no doubt

so here I come


Am I shining, am I gleaming with hope

Am I shining, am I gleaming with hope for…

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Paralympic glory 

With the Paralympics in full swing the abilities of people with disabilities are being showcased around the world. The sport that I play is called Goalball and is one of the dedicated team sports specifically for blind and vision impaired people. This sport is awesome to play and at the highest level, awesome to watch.

The disappointment for me is that there has been a choice by the international Paralympic Committee (IPC) not to stream any games of Goalball at this years Paralympics in Rio. So many…

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Back in the studio 

On the weekend I made it into the studio to work on a couple new songs with producer peter oats from Kitchen Cooked Records. We managed to lay the majority of the instruments for a track called 'Set me free' which is a little soul number, giving the listener a big audio hug.

The song tells the story of a man who needs love to be the best he can be. This story is many told but deserves to be retold. 

'Set me free' will be released as a single shortly as a digital download only. The track will likely be…

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Sprawled out lyrics 

When I feel in doubt

I’m gonna run back to my room

When I scream and shout out

my voice bends like a spoon

When I dream I know that it all points to it


When I look around I see the scars of me and you

when I figure it out ah my heart beats in a groove

When I dream I know it all aims to it


When I see the writing on the wall is to remind me of

all thats good, all thats sweat, and that someone cares

and puts the world at my feet

when I fall into my seat, 

when I drop down to my knees,

When I’m sprawled…

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Benny is the latest guest on DSN Radio 

On Friday night Benny Rowe was a guest on the Showcase program from the Disability Sports Network. The show is hosted by Troy King and network founder Tony Telfer who showcase the ability in disability. The interview showcases Benny Rowe's life outside of Goalball as he discusses his music career and gives some meaning to a number of his songs


The show podcast will be uploaded to iTunes and other podcasting sites shortly. Go to for details.

Relationships vs Tasks 

Sometimes it is good to step back and reflect on what it is that makes us operate. What I have learned is that there are two focal points that influence our ability to proceed when achieving goals. The concepts are 'Relationship Orientated' and 'Task Orientated' personality traits. If a person is "Relationship Orientated' this means the person needs to ensure all relationships are taken care of before he or she can move on to tasks. For example, if there is  disharmony in the band or someone is upset…

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My way or the highway 


Have you ever fallen in the trap of not knowing what it is you want or what it is you would like to do with your life. For most of us, this is a common question we all have and dwell over time and time again. Now, throw a disability in to the mix and sometimes your ability to choose has somewhat escaped your grasp and now we rely on someone or the community to help us get what we want or what we need. So here I ask is it truly what we want? I would have to say NO, it’s merely what we can get.


As a…

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