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Join Benny for a Sunday session at the Beaufort St tavern for some live music and entertainment. The Beaufort St tavern has a great food menu and selection of beverages to sooth your Sunday while relaxing to some acoustic tunes from your local artist Benny Rowe. I am looking forward to seeing you there and hanging out with me. Cheers

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It has been some time coming, but, here is the artwork for the upcoming single called SECRET WEAPONS due out on 22nd June 2022. I would love to here your thoughts on the artwork, I reckon its pretty cool :) 

Hey, welcome back from COVID 


Hey friends,

Its been such a long time since I busted out a post and wrote to you all. COVID has changed so much around us and you would think a blog would have increased from my part, but, to be honest I couldn't be fucked with anything. My email blew up with so much shit and I imagine yours did too. I probably would have gotten lost in all the spam, the penis enlargement scams and god knows what else.

Well, here I am, back in front of my new laptop that now actually works and writing again.

I guess this…

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