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The Grumpy's Bar

Perth, Mt Lawley

This is my first show back for a while and hopefully it is the first of many more in 2020. Joined by Robbie Jalapeno and Rhys Wood, I am sure it will be a fun night out.


Benny Rowe guest speaker at the City of Cockburn Junior Awards Night

City of Cockburn, Spearwood

Benny will be the guest speaker along with the Mayor of Cockburn to award the junior sport participants in their chosen sports.


Live @ La Rocca Cafe

La Rocca Cafe, Australind, Western Australia

La Rocca Cafe will host session live on sundays, showcasing local artists from Wa. This sunday will be the first of hopefully many sessions of music to the the town. 

Please be sure to book a table as numbers are limited. A roast spit will be ready to fill everyones belly, and the cafe is licensed for BYO. You must be seated for a meal to legally allowed to drink at the venue. 

The event will hopefully be streamed on Facebook live go to Benny Rowe Music's Facebook page for the feed.

Enjoy the tunes.

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Benny Rowe

Through the history of music, people who are blind just know what to do. This will smooth you over, pinch you, then groove you into submission.

This EP has been a while in the making. With every intention to rebuild and develop, the the music on this album has captured some real tastes in music. From the soul of the 60s to the jams in the living room. Burdens is just that, trying to let go and be whatever becomes. Sometimes life asks so much of you and all I want to do is be. Be present, enjoy, and have a moment before it gets swept into the ways of the world. Each song has elements of triumph over the so called times in my life. If you are like me, and let the mind crunch and grind over everything that is what I want to do, this becomes the drain when it should be the stories of what I accomplish. So often I waste time thinking about what could do rather than actually getting out there and doing it. It has been said before but I will say it again, procrastination leads to that old chestnut of depression and the way out is to do something. Keeping doing something until it is not a thought anymore.

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Love Arrows

Benny Rowe

This album adds the soul to blues and will take you on an emotional sound ride with stories of love, life and growth,

While previously known as 'Mr Bodangles' the artist has developed a new sound that is captivating and powerful. This album has been a slow but enjoyable creative process with 4 years passing since his previous release. However a new man is born and we are proud to present to you 'Love arrows' by Benny Rowe.

Record information: All songs written by Benjamin Rowe Engineer & Producer by Peter Oats Recorded, mixed and mastered at Kitchen Cooked Records

'A special thanks to: Peter Oats (Bass guitar on all songs), Lucinda Woodward (vocals on 'Sprawled out', 'Love arrows', 'Take me for a ride' & 'The summer comes'), Carol Henry ( vocals on 'Shining'), John Meyer (lead guitar on 'What you want'), Ben Carpenter (guitars on 'Sprawled out' & 'Take me for a ride'), Rhys Wood (Saxophone on 'My eyes' & Harmonica on 'At last'), Tony Borthwick (Flute on 'Last night & The summer comes'), Erik Kowarski (Fiddle on 'Love arrows', 'I'm in danger' & 'At last') John William (Drums on all songs). I am really proud of what we achieved on the album and its a credit to all of your musicianship - it was great working with you all and I thank you'

This is a product made in Australia with many great Aussie musicians.

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